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I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now

I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now

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Long, long ago, before Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, before reality television and before 24 hour news stations, fame and fortune eluded all but the most talented or intelligent among us. This is when Karin Kasdin grew up dreaming of becoming a star. I Thought I'd be Someone By Now is a memoir of her 40-year search for identity through work. It is the story of one woman's work-related escapades that resulted in a patchwork quilt of a resume and a life. It is also the story of a personal reckoning, the realization after a journey composed of zigs and zags, that what we do is not always a reflection of who we are.
Liberally sprinkled between the hilarious and heartwarming stories of a quest for professional success and fulfillment are well-researched chapters about the nature of work. How do we learn about work in the first place? How is work presented in the media? How does one learn to cope with fear of failure? How do we rank various professions with regard to status? Anyone who has ever worked or who is looking for work, as well as anyone with unrealized dreams of making it big, will relate to Kasdin's story.

About the Author:
This book IS Karin Kasdin's bio. See pages 1-253.

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