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Poverty in America. An Annotated Bibliography

Poverty in America. An Annotated Bibliography

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This bibliography is a comprehensive treatment of poverty in the United States. It summarizes the major economic, historical, literary, sociological, and other social science literature written over the past century on this topic. It also evaluates individual contributions and relates these writings to one another, thus providing a broad perspective on the different additions to our knowledge of poverty and poverty prevention.

The major themes covered in this book are the measurement, causes, and consequences of poverty, and potential policy solutions to the problem of poverty. Specific chapters address the history of poverty in the U.S., the development of poverty measures and their limitations, and the problems with the current U.S. welfare system as a means of reducing poverty. Individual chapters also address the impoverishment of specific groups of Americans―women, children, minorities, residents of urban ghettos, and those who live in rural areas of the United States.

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