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It's Your Body - You're the One In It: Take Control of Your Own Health and Healing

It's Your Body - You're the One In It: Take Control of Your Own Health and Healing

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I was told I would spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair as the result of a motorcycle accident. Not liking that option I chose another way. I remembered a story from my third grade, Weekly Reader, about a boy who had an inoperable brain tumor. His doctors waited for him to die in the hospital, but at night when they left him alone he played a game where he blasted away his tumor with white light beams from white space ships that circled the tumor. The tumor disappeared in his head as it disappeared in his game. I decided that I could heal my wounds in the same way.
A year and a half after being told a slap on the back might leave me paralyzed I was told my back was healthy enough for skydiving. My goal in the beginning was to heal my back and avoid a lifetime of being wheelchair bound but that's not where the healing ended. Once the process was started it continued into other areas of my life.
My healing process led me to return to school and where I earned a master's degree in my own healing, technically, Holistic Psychology Self-Designed. Through firsthand experience and the guidance of excellent teachers and therapists I learned many aspects of healing. The essence of what I learned is in this book.
Years later I was told I might die any minute from heart attack or stroke due to extreme sleep apnea. I would breathe only 20 min/hr when I slept taking my blood oxygen and pulse to dangerously low levels. Medical treatment made it worse so I decided to treat it my way. A month after being told that surgery and/or CPAP machines were the only treatment, a sleep study revealed only mild apnea with no need for treatment.
Beliefs, emotions and relationships are involved in healing, and/or maintaining, your life challenges. Changing beliefs, attitudes and life choices affect your health and healing. These changes can be made by mental choice, physical activity and conscious movement of life energy. This book guides you to discover these abilities in yourself and to use them in your daily life for taking conscious control over your own health and healing. Links to twenty one audio exercises by the author are included.
If you read this book and the exercises you will discover abilities you may have overlooked. If you read this book and do the exercises you will learn to control aspects of your being you may have never considered before. All material is presented in a way to facilitate learning from your own first-hand experience. You will discover that you are a greater being with more control over your body and life than you ever imagined. Take control of your own health and healing.
Carl Brahe MA

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