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PM - 101: 101 common sense tips, ideas and concepts for project managers

PM - 101: 101 common sense tips, ideas and concepts for project managers

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A little reference book on project management for anyone with a project manager, program manager, project leader, quality manager, team leader or any other leadership position in the projects and organizations. The book is packed with 101 tips, ideas and concepts with some of the commonly occurring themes drawn from real life experiences.

The knowledge in this world is vast, and the wisdom exists in only a few words. Of all the standards, frameworks and processes available in the world today, success lies in only few actions. While we tend to be lost in the intricate details of the process frameworks, this book helps in keeping the focus and helps in identifying the necessary action at the appropriate time to keep the project in control.

Organizational politics, sometimes, may have an adverse impact on the project's outcome and can potentially have a negative impact the stakeholders career temporarily. As someone who is responsible to deliver projects and service, there are some signs and symptoms that can help in managing the associated risks.

The compact design of the paperback allows you to take the book anywhere even in the pockets so that it can be referred any time. It contains tips on managing meetings, developing teams, dealing with changes, managing stakeholders, tips for effective planning, project execution of the projects, most essential steps in the project closure and tacking the challenges of organizational politics.

This is a must have 'Anywhere PM Guide' for anyone in the projects.

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