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An Angels Breath: A Story Of Hope And Love

An Angels Breath: A Story Of Hope And Love

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4.2/5 (Stimmen: 198)
"An Angel's Breath" is a tale of faith, friendship and devotion. It follows the life of a woman named Sarah Reid. Growing up, Sarah watches the abuse her father shows toward her mother and also survives the loss of her mother to cancer, only to be diagnosed herself with the breast cancer in her early twenties. In her youth, Sarah is befriended by the mysterious Winnie Harkins. Winnie is an older lady who lives in a small house just below Sarah. She and Sarah's friendship strengthens with the passing of Sarah's mother, and once her father passes away, Winnie convinces Sarah to go out into the world, and find life, but she has no hope that she will find a man to love her for who she is, who can see past her scars. Sarah then sets out on an event-filled journey that indeed transforms her life, her mind and her spirit...forever.

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