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How Shall I Heal

How Shall I Heal

Keyword-Optionen: New age spirituality  Mental spiritual healing 
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4.2/5 (Stimmen: 746)
A memoir of a nurse blended with a subtle look into the inner workings of the emotional and energetic connection to illness. This is a passageway into the depths of the human spirit, revealing raw emotions that surface both in the patient and the healer.
With over 30 years of experience as and RN and healer Jill shares the intimate relationships between the nurses, doctors and patients with a genuine view that will leave you laughing and crying.
" It was about this time that I realized how intertwined our lives as nurses became with how we identified ourselves. I was no longer Jill, I was a nurse, mother, wife, advocate, friend and it would be years before I could untangle myself to realize I was Jill, a creature of the Universe. We lose our identity in what we do, forgetting who we really are. I’m not saying that is altogether a bad thing, but when we do this we lose our essence. Most people live their entire lives this way, and become so caught up in their identity, their egos and reputation that they fail to grow beyond those things, and in doing so do not necessarily become the true blessing they could be. Here in this hospital filled with sickness, pain, hopefulness and hopelessness, I began to realize that when the spirit shows through, we can grow and nurture not only others but ourselves. Here I learned the value of living a meaningful life. The difficulty I'd experienced with others who were not touched in this manner, including some of my own family, is that they simply didn't get it and couldn't understand that life is to be lived, love shared and relationships cherished. While I knew it in my heart, living this way was not easy, established relationships tend to stagnate, unless both parties desire to move forward, learning stops, and seams tear. "

“This was incredibly gratifying to read, with a wonderful eye to detail, and an understated lovely story” - Fred M Publisher

“Extremely well done first book that draws you in and feeds your soul” – Don W Author and Public Speaker

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