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Doing the Happy Thing: How to Get the Happy Life You Want

Doing the Happy Thing: How to Get the Happy Life You Want

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Doing The Happy Thing

A down to earth, easy to read and follow guide that shows you how to get the happy life you want.

Happiness can be learnt. Doing The Happy Thing will help you develop and practice new habits of thinking, perceiving and doing until happiness becomes an automatic and natural part of your everyday life.

Seperated into individual lessons with specific tasks that allow the reader to turn to a specific chapter that deals with a specific issue, or read from start to finish to gain a larger perspective. Includes a reminder page after each section for quick reference or refresher. This allows the book to be used as a teaching tool or for personal use.

Happiness is a journey and this book allows the reader to take this journey with support and quidlines they can keep referring back to as often as they like.

It teaches you how to be happy in the situation you find yourself in right now and shows you how to use this skill to proell your life forward.

Once you know how to be happy in the present moment this happiness flows out and affects everything else in your life, bringing you more of the things you really want.

It is one thing to know what you want and another to know how to acheive it. Our past habits may have served us well at some time in the past but as we grow and change and want new things for ourselves these same habitual ways of thinking and acting can hold us back. Delve deeper into understanding how and why we block the good things in life and how you can easily open the way to getting what you want, even if you don't quite know what that is yet.

The bringing together of Modern Psychology, Yogic Philosophy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, the wisdom of the elderly, as well as years of reading and exploring self help material and loads of life experience all wrapped up into one practical guide. Enjoy.

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