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Sock Monkeys: Summer Fun Coloring Book

Sock Monkeys: Summer Fun Coloring Book

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Packed with socknormous coloring fun, Dee Lindner, the Sock Monkey Lady®, presents Sock Monkeys: Summer Fun Coloring Book. Known for her greeting cards, books, journals, and more, she invites you to share in her passion for red-heel sock monkeys. Thirty-nine illustrations of sock monkeys hiking, biking, fishing, and shillyshallying await amateurs and experienced colorists alike in this cute and collectible edition. Designed from her popular red-heel sock monkey-themed photographic images, her socktastic sketch renditions capture the whimsy behind this unique American tradition for all ages to enjoy. Add your artistic flair to make our soft-sculptured sole-mates come to life with their comical wide red grins, colorful bums, gangly limbs, and long tails. Design a sock monkey drawing of your own and make Sock Monkeys: Summer Fun Coloring Book a treasured keepsake to pass along from generation to generation. Since the 1930s, imaginative crafters have fashioned this Americana tradition one stitch at a time by creating cheery monkeys from the folds of every day red-heel socks. Sock Monkeys: Summer Fun Coloring Book is a tribute to this socktacular legacy that has taken an international toehold.

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