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Miscorrection: Preludes (Miscorrection Trilogy Book 1)

Miscorrection: Preludes (Miscorrection Trilogy Book 1)

Keyword-Optionen: Science fiction  Time travel 
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Over the course of 34 years, a solar system of six planets will see many changes. Many would never expect the greatness and tragedy that would happen...

"Sunrise" follows a grandfather and his grandson as they experience an event that will sweep them away into amazing changes for the system...

"Arrogation" reveals the Karhath, a group behind the danger that lurks for the six-planet system, and an internal struggle for power between a young man and his mentor that threatens the Karhath’s existence...

"Felix Culpa" tells the story of a woman and how she fell in love with a man who would help change the six-planet system...

"Panacea" follows the discoveries of an Experimental Scientist. His persistence in research leads to an unimaginable consequence for the solar system...

"Awry" finds the Karhath struggling for power and making an attempt to gain it swiftly. But nothing ever goes as it is planned, and sometimes the result is a more daring, powerful idea...

"Sundown" brings an exciting conclusion, leaving everyone to wonder if everything is exactly as it seems...

Will the solar system find prosperity?

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