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Healing from the Anguish of Favoritism

Healing from the Anguish of Favoritism

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We all will encounter some form of favoritism during our lives in our family, church, or workplace. Favoritism becomes destructive to everyone when an authority devotes most of his/her attention, praise and rewards solely to the favored one-called intentional favoritism. The unfavored and overlooked ones often feel deep anguish from the favoritism that can follow them the rest of their lives. Even the favored one and the initiating authority suffer from its affects. Jim Offutt has written this book to help each party in the favoritism cycle find true healing through God's help and direction. Offutt discusses such helpful concepts as "rotating favoritism," "sibling loyalty," and "using cooperation" to diminish favoritism. Also, the book discusses the favor of God and how to gain it for yourself. Jim teaches on anger, conflict, and bitterness at Syracuse Teen Challenge and speaks on these topics in churches and conferences. His books include: Anger Reconciliation and From Bitterness to Reconciliation. Whether you are a favorite, unfavored one, or overlooked one, this book will help you deal with your situation.

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