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Sissies Learning To Be Feminine (Gender Swap - A Collection of Humiliated Sissies Book 1)

Sissies Learning To Be Feminine (Gender Swap - A Collection of Humiliated Sissies Book 1)

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The only way back to manhood is through embracing their femininity...

1. Cam Walks a Mile in Her Shoes
A college athlete turned investment banker, Cam's been spoiled his entire life, and has never faced any consequences for his deplorable actions. But when Lindsay finds out he's been cheating, everything changes. She flips his world upside down and turns him into a fashion model. He'll have to go shopping as a woman, walk the catwalk in high heels, and do everything Lindsay says if he ever wants to turn back into a man again. Will Cam resist and find a way back to manhood? Or will he walk a mile in her heels... and like it?

2. Tess Turned Her Husband Into A High Priced Call Girl
George owes $400K to the casino after a roulette game gone wrong. Enraged, his wife thinks twice about divorcing him and instead turns him into an amazingly sexy woman. George is going to have to earn his keep and pay back every cent that he gambled away. Will he learn to love his new body or will he be dominated ruthlessly in all of his fresh, new holes? George will need to do everything his wife says if he ever wants a chance at re-gaining his masculinity...

3. Brody Becomes A Schoolgirl! - Bestseller!
Brody's wife is out for revenge and transforms him into a hot young woman. He'll need to do everything she says if he wants a chance to turn back into a man. But Brody finds being a schoolgirl hard than he ever could've imagined. The other girls are cruel, and the boys all want to get in his new pink panties. Even Mr. Daley can't keep his eyes off of Brody's slender 19 year old body.

Ally is very pleased with her husband's transformation. Now she has the princess that she'd always dreamed of having! The two will bond over lipstick, shoes, and the difficulties of life as a schoolgirl. But Brody isn't a full grown man anymore, and Ally will have to reprimand him if he steps out of line. In order to train her husband, she'll need to humiliate, degrade, and use him in more ways than he'd known was possible.

Ally's personal life must also move on. Now that Brody is out of the picture, Ally can start dating again to find herself a real man. Mhhm... Mr. Daley seems like a nice guy.

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